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Vegan Unicorn

Vegan Unicorn?

Can you eat that?

Well, we know that our mascotte is eating a banana, but Vegan Unicorn is not food! (at least, not that we know of).

vegan unicorn mascotte

Vegan Unicorn is a website that brings you news, information and other fun things like challenges or interesting reviews. The thing is, we bring it in a vegan way. Mama & Papa Unicorn write about topics involving sports, beauty, even veganism itself. Not to forget, we also have a shop where you can find different goodies and vegan foods.

Unicorns represent purity and grace, and their horns are said to be used to cure people. Meaning, a Unicorn is a magical creature. Combine that with ‘veganism’ which we believe in, and you’ll get the unique, magical Vegan Unicorn!

We are in full growth and this is only the beginning of everything this site will offer you. Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the ride!

xoxo Mama & Papa Unicorn

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