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Hey, how you doin?
Welcome to the world of bootybuildin’ ♥

“It gets addictive, as soon as you start seeing results.”
– What I keep telling myself as motivation.
I’d say I love you with all my heart, but my booty is bigger!

I have always loved the fact that I can shape my body the way I want to, by working out. I decided to try out a workout programme from my favourite athlete, Michelle Lewin. This is an 8-week workout programme that is focused solely on the booty. Will it work? Is it possible to gain a booty, being vegan? Before/after pics?!

fitness banner

I like lifting heavy things, especially iron. Then I enjoy looking at the muscles I get from it, that is basically the story of my life.

Okay, just kidding. Working out makes me feel better, I am living healthier and I can eat even more. Believe me, food is definitely the main reason. I gradually became vegan for health issues. It made me feel better and therefore, I decided to cut out animal products out of my diet. This, I am telling you, because there have been a lot of stories about vegan people having a hard time gaining muscle. Let’s see how that will turn out.

For many years, I have researched exercises, tried out new strategies and seen the results of it. I would say I have a pretty good idea of what I should do to achieve what I want. After all, I implemented exercises of great ‘fit chicks‘ into my plan and if I do what they do, I should get the results that they get. This was my mindset and it still is, I just decided to make it easier for me and turn it into a little experiment at the same time.

My thought: Let’s use a guide that tells me exactly what to do. That way, I do not have to think about anything and just follow the plan. It will give me consistency, motivation and probably inspiration for new workout routines.

Michelle Lewin?

Okay, so let me start from the beginning. After I got the idea, I had to choose an athlete that I wanted to basically allow to tell me what exercises to do, lol. Michelle Lewin is one of the first female athletes that I started following on Instagram, and I have loved her ever since.

A gorgeous Latina, perfectionist, always happy and positive, body type that I find perfect. I love it that her husband (Instagram) is also her manager, they look cute together. I admire her dedication and commitment. She is always herself, and so spontanious. Overall, she has been a great motivator to me, and I have full faith in her Booty Perfection plan!

Fitplan homepage booty plan

Go to Fitplan!

So after some research, I found out, that I have to download an app called “Fitplan“.
They ask for some basic questions like your weight and goal that you want to achieve.

Michelle Lewin Booty Perfection Homepage
I chose for the option of a monthly subscription for €13,99, since I’ll use this for 2 months only. I have used the App store more often, so it was a matter of seconds before I could see the calendar filled with workout dates.

Michelle Lewin Booty Perfection Plan Day 1
The app clearly shows me what workout I should start with. They have clear video’s of how to do it (which I think is the best thing ever). Sometimes it even gives me notifications or reminders. Michelle Lewin Booty Perfection plan message
Basically, it is kind of a cyber gymbuddy and personal trainer in one, that will help you achieve your goals. This workout is only for the booty and does not include exercises for other muscle groups. Nevertheless, I will do my own routine for the rest of the body, next to this schedule.

It is important to know that if you want to work out and take it seriously, you should always train your whole body. Read about it in this article! Yes, you can focus on a single body part and put more perfection into it, but you should keep it in balance. How are you going to squat 150 kg of iron if your core can barely keep the bar on your shoulders?

This is an 8-week program. If I skip a day, the calendar will recalculate it, so I guess it might take longer than exactly 8 weeks. I will have 56 workout days – 3 days a week, 45 min.

During this journey, I will share my experiences and findings with you. DOES IT WORK? Did she actually follow through? Is it possible to follow this routine next to a fulltime job? How much work would I have to put in?

I have been working out lightly, not very often and definitely not enough to develop big muscles. So what did mother nature give me? ⇓

Fitness before picture sideways

Sideway before-picture

Fitness frontal before picture

Front before-picture



Well my loves, let’s grow that vegan booty ♥

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  • Luci

    Hi! Your “pre-review” is super useful, I can’t wait to start with the plan when I’m back from holidays. How do you like it so far? I was wondering if the workouts are 45 mins considering the 5-10 mins of rest between the reps and sets? I am already wondering whether I can fit and alternate an abs and arm workout of 20 minutes after/before the booty training 🙂

    • VeganUnicorn

      Hey, thanks <3
      I definitely like it more than I expected. The workouts are so diverse and focuses on ALL muscles.
      It is pretty heavy though, my first workout after I got sick, was super tough and I didn't finish all exercises because I really hit failure.
      It says I should take 30 sec breaks between sets and 60 sec between exercises, which is pretty fast. So 45 min is my goal but I don't think I'll manage to finish it all in 45 min for now. It takes some time to get used to since it's VERY intense.
      Yesterday I had hamstring day and my whole body felt tortured. Check how much you can handle, and then gradually add other exercises (unless you're already a pretty fit athlete)

      • Lucia

        Great! Thanks a lot for the reply! It’s important to not be too hard on yourself. Good luck and will hopefully get back to you in a month or so with some positive experience with it too 😉
        Ps. I’m vegan too and I know 100% you can achieve the same, if not better, results with booty gain! Have a look at Grace Fit UK, she’s vegan, and has an amazing butt 😉

        • VeganUnicorn

          Yes, indeed, overtraining caused me an injury last year, so I’ll be watching out, yet pushing to the limit.
          It would be awesome to see how you will be doing! See how it is from another perspective.
          Awesome that you’re vegan. I’ve been following @katyaelisehenry for a while, she’s vegan too.
          Grace looks very familiar, I’ve seen her before somewhere! I will be following her too for some vegan fitspo 🙂


  • Kit

    Wow this app you shared seems really interesting and helpful for a lot of people who wants to monitor their fitness journey. Thanks for sharing!

    • VeganUnicorn

      It is indeed. <3

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