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Booty Perfection Week 1

The first update after one week of the ‘booty perfection’ workout plan.
Did I survive the first week? How are the workouts so far?
Do you know how it all started? Check that story here first!
So, what happened..


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Oh Lordy Lord, this is going to sound like the biggest excuse ever. It is Monday night, the 23th or July and I have only done 2 days of my complete plan. Why? Because I got very sick. In a nutshell: I’ve always had to deal with health issues, and last Monday I decided to “detox” myself after feeling pretty bad lately. The day after that, I started feeling nauseous for 2 days in a row and it went very wrong. I’ve been recovering ever since, slowly building up my diet and growing some fat on my bones.

I have already lost so much weight over the past 3-4 months, because of all the times I felt sick, and now I’ve lost even more. I was and still am so skinny, that all of my clothes are too big. I am full bulking mode though. Rice and lentils, here I come.

You may understand that this changed things a bit. Here is how I decided to deal with it:
Tomorrow I will continue with day 3, and try to squeeze in 2 or 3 extra workouts to make up for the missed ones. I did not want to do that, but I’m more than a week behind and I want to keep it as close to the 8 weeks as possible, I don’t have time to lose!

So, let me tell you about how my days were, after the 2 workouts:

It’s Saturday afternoon (July, 14th) and there has not been a day so far, that I haven’t had any pain in my booty muscles. I must say, this is definitely something new for me! I have done workouts that I usually don’t do, because it is too hard or I just don’t like it for some reason.
My opinion and experience so far? Let me sum it up:

  • The workouts? I would say easy/medium/hard
  • Timewise it should be possible to do next to a fulltime job
  • Very intense for 45 minutes
  • Enough rest time
  • Effective

Let me get more into details.

The workouts are not the basic booty workouts that people generally are familiar with.
So far, I have not even done a set of basic squats. On my second day, I have worked a lot with the cable and just did different variations of that specific machine. This way, it is obvious that I cover all muscles by changing angles of an exercise.

Reps workout chart and results

On the other hand, it is not that hard to understand what to do and to actually do it. You can choose your own weight and change the amount of repetitions. I choose to stick to the planned amount, since changing the amount of reps, might change the results.
The picture on the left shows what range you should stick to, for your desired results.

This structure mostly has 3 or 4 exercises, 3 or 4 sets and 10-12 reps which should be done in 45 minutes. This is a 30 second rest between sets and 60 second rest between exercises. This makes it pretty intense, which is what I also mentioned as a point.

The intensity is pretty high with such short breaks in between, which means that your heartrate will stay high. This means that you will burn more fat while doing powerlifting. This plan is NOT a HIIT-workout plan, all I’m saying is that your body burns more fat if the heart rate is high because of short breaks. Read more about HIIT in this article.

Squeeze into schedule?

You could definitely do this next to a fulltime job. It won’t be easy, but (I bet) it will be worth it. After the 8 intense weeks, you should be able to do leg days only 2 times a week, to grow and maintain over a longer period of time. It is only a 45 minute workout so you could add some other muscle groups to that leg day, or add 1 extra day to the fitness schedule.


This was about it for this week, I can’t wait for tomorrow to make a comeback to my second home!


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  • Luci

    Nice! Looking forward to know how it develops and I hope you fully recovered X

    • VeganUnicorn

      Thanks <3 Still recovering, eating a lot and being dedicated, hihi 🙂


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