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What happened?

How do I start this post? What do I write, after I have not written anything for weeks?

I’ll keep it short and simple..

Around 1,5 month ago, I got very sick again, and lost my last fat and muscle. I couldn’t eat for days and after I recovered, for some reason I could not stand any food. My appetite changed and one minute I could be open for an appel, but when I started eating it, I was almost disgusted by it (yeah, not exaggerating!).
This is very unfortunate since I’ve already been struggling with this challenge because of the time I got sick earlier this year. I don’t want to get too deep into my health situation, so I’ll just say it: I couldn’t and still can’t continue the challenge.

What now?

I lost 10 kg over the last half a year and I prefer to not do any cardio nor weight training since that burns calories, which I was extremely short on. The last few weeks I started craving food again, but I am not gaining any weight, so I am trying to focus on a calorie surplus. So; no training for the upcoming weeks, a lot of bulking, paying attention to my macro’s (I want to eat balanced, I don’t want to bulk with junkfood like a lot of people advice me to do).

My opinion about the fitness plan

What I can tell you, is what I thought of the Michelle Lewin fitness plan so far.
I think it’s amazing. It is possible to do next to a job, if you’re committed.
Take in consideration that it is a booty training and not full body workout plan. Although I must say that the sets are so varied and the workouts focus on so many different (small) muscles, that you also semi-train other muscles too. It’s just not enough to keep the right balance, in my opinion.

Furthermore, the app is awesome since it does all the work for you as you can see in the screenshots I added in my posts. The workouts are interesting and you will definitely not get bored. On a scale on 1 to 10 with 1 being super simple and 10 being super hard training, I would say this is around an 8, that’s pretty intense. The rests are 30 seconds between sets and 1 minute between workouts which means you are constantly busy and your heart rate stays high.

Even though I only finished it halfway, and it was spread wider throughout the weeks, I can tell that I saw the difference in my body and also the way my muscles felt after every workout. Amazing 🙂

I definitely recommend this workout plan! 

I hope I made everything clear and maybe will do another challenge in the future, when I feel better!



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