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Booty Perfection Week 2

The second update is here! The structure of the post has slightly changed to give a better overview of every week. I’ve made a recovery and went twice to the gym this week. Keep on reading about in-depth info of hamstrings and squats day!
Do you know how it all started? Check that story here first!

*Current stats of today 29/7/18:
17% of the workout plan completed
45 kg body weight
This week’s completed days: Thursday Hamstrings day 5 & Sunday Squats day 8

Workout plan hamstrings statsThursday day 5: Hamstrings

Inner lying hamstring curl: 1/5 sets
Stiff legged deadlift: 5/5 sets
Short bar good morning: 5/5 sets
Duration: 26 min

If the workout is too heavy, I cut off the kg’s and not the amount of reps. I want to have a steady amount of reps for my goal, and keep building on the weight!

Every workout you have a set amount of reps that you are supposed to do, and you can fill in the amount of weight that you use. I try to keep the rep counter the way it already is in the program. This day I skipped almost the whole first exercise, because I was doing that at last, and it was too heavy, since I haven’t worked out for a while, and I’ve been pretty weak.

I finished this workout in 26 minutes and was totally exhausted, I do try to focus to finish the workout within the designated time. There is time to rest for 30 seconds between sets and 60 seconds between exercises. This makes it a very intense workout and to be honest, I don’t always make it within that time, I get dizzy and need to calm down first before I continue working out.

Sunday day 5: Squats

squats day booty perfectionSquat with bar: 4/4 sets
Split squat on bench: 4/4 sets
Squat kick with short bar: 4/4 sets
Sumo squat with short bar: 4/4 sets
Duration: 53 min

Well, I just finished this workout a couple of hours ago, and surprisingly enough, I don’t feel that exhausted. I can still feel the pain in my hammies of the workout of THREE WHOLE DAYS ago, though.

I only ate one meal before this, and I was slightly getting hungry when I arrived, so I did not have full energy. So, I decided to keep my weight low to a 10 kg barbell and later 0,5 kg (a wooden stick for good form).
The amount of reps I was supposed to do, is pretty accurate to what I have actually done.
It feels wrong if I end my workout with a whole set or exercise missing, so I’d rather take it easy and finish it all.

Besides, I know I have to get used to this kind of training, and it is okay to let my body adjust to the amount of weight I’m lifting, before I start adding even more weight. This might sound like the easy way out, but it’s better to lift lighter, in good form, and take a bit longer, than rushing the process and maybe end up injured ( I had my first injury last year, when I overpushed myself while doing a chest-exercise. I definitely have learned from that).

Let’s talk more about the workout of today.

What do I think of it?  I think it is pretty damn heavy! I worked my ass off today, almost literally. The quick breaks barely give me time to rest, and keeps the heart rate high. The workouts are vary very much and that’s great. In fact, every time I open the next workout, I’m excited to see what workouts are waiting for me!

squats day booty perfectionsquats day booty perfection

The calendar shows what days I have worked out and gives it a color. The app explains exactly what everything means, and gives a clear overview of the progress you’ve made so far. Each day you open, you see the planning of the workouts that you have to do.

You’ll be able to see whether you are going the right direction, or if you are lifting less. These details can sometimes be overseen. Well, not with this app.
When you are aware of your performance level, you know better how to continue working out, and whether you should adapt something in your lifestyle, or maybe even diet or sleeping cycle.

Overall experience

This plan is definitely something good! I don’t need to finish it, in order to give that opinion.
It is clear that my muscles are getting a very intense, specific training. Doing squats only, will not be enough to get the results I want and create a toned, balanced body. Therefore, I must do different exercises and tackle all the hidden little muscles too, not only the big ones!

The next workout is called ‘Pure glutes’ and I am super excited because I like training this muscle group. I will tell you more about the ‘Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus’, and why it’s important to train ALL of them to get a toned booty.
This was it for this week, stay tuned for the next booty growing adventure.


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