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Booty Perfection Week 3

Don’t worry, I am not actually losing it 🙂 What I am losing, is weight (in my case, that is not a good thing). This week’s update will be mostly about my personal situation. It is affecting my fitness plan, therefore I would like to show how that correlates with each other. Here it comes..
Do you know how it all started? Check that story here first!

*Current stats of today 6/8/18:
25% of the workout plan completed
44 kg body weight
This week’s completed days: Thursday Glutes day 10 & Friday Hamstrings day 12

glutesThursday day 10: Pure Glutes

Ninja kick: 4/4 sets
Ankle weight kickback: 4/4 sets
Glute bridge: 4/4 sets
Lying bench bridge: 4/4 sets
Duration: 36 min

This is the easiest day so far, in my opinion. As you can see, I finished all my sets in such a short time. I tried to not wait more than 30 or 60 seconds between sets and exercises.

gluteal muscles

If you think your booty is one big muscle, you’re wrong BIG TIME! Your booty does not have one, but 3 main (gluteal) muscles. The ‘gluteus minumus’, ‘gluteus medius’ and ‘gluteus maximus’. It is important to train all of them in order to grow and shape your booty. I found a page that gives a detailed explanation on all the muscles and how to train them. Check it out here.

I bought my own ankle weights of 1 kg and that is good enough for a long while. To sum it up; this was a great workout and had a lot of fun exercised that were not very hard.

Friday day 12: Hamstrings

hamstringsInner lying hamstring curl: 5/5 sets
Hyper extension: 5/5
Reversed frogger: 0/5

Here’s the thing: I didn’t see the machine for hyper extension and I already ended the workout. Also, I used the leg curl machine, so it was slightly different. The ‘reversed frogger’ was too extreme for me to do in a gym with so many people there. Especially with short shorts, lol.

I ended up having a workout of 10 minutes and it all just went completely wrong that day. You’ll have those days, everybody has them and it’s all right 🙂

My health?

It probably sounds like an excuse, but my health is making it harder to work out. I don’t feel good very often lately. I am trying to eat more and yet I lost weight. This weather is not making it easier. The average weekly temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. I noticed it because I constantly crave food as soon as the sun goes down and it’s getting fresh. I feel like doing more but at the same time it is around 10PM already, and I am getting sleep. Because of my special diet, it’s hard to eat on time and get all the nutrition that I need, so I probably have a deficit of something. Well, this was it in a nutshell.

Probably, the heat is making me even more tired and lazy, so going all the way to the gym, to sweat more, is not the first thing on my mind. It’s a good thing that I have someone who sometimes kicks me out the door to the gym (that’s a good tip!)

Besides the days that I was very sick, I do 2 workouts a week, instead of 3. This means that I’m still behind on schedule and I have to try to get back to working out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I want to keep it as close as possible to the actual 8 weeks, to analyze the results/time more accurately.

What now?

I will really try my best to stick to the 3 days, and not let anything come in between it. I will plan my meals correctly, so I will have enough energy to gain muscle and not lose more weight. The first next workout, I will focus on ‘lunges’, awesome. Right now I am looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming week, and it looks rainy and cold, typical Dutch weather.
That means that I will feel extra fresh, let’s do this!!



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  • Luci

    Hey! Take your time to rest, your health is priority! Make sure that you feel good when working out. It won’t be the end of the world if you stop for a couple of weeks to fully recover! And if you feel like you can keep doing it without break…then go for it! In anycase, you are doing great 🙂

    • VeganUnicorn

      thanks! What you say about taking rest: I don’t feel like I can afford that right now. It sounds like I keep making excuses hihi. But then again, I’ve had days in the past that I worked out on an almost empty stomach and was super tired; that day did me more wrong than good.


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