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Booty Perfection Week 4

For someone who lost so much weight (in an unhealthy way), I still look pretty fit. Little workout, lots of mental training. The last few weeks have been rough, eating wise. But I won’t give up, and continue my challenge to perfection of the booty.
Do you know how it all started? Check that story here first!

*Current stats of today 13/9/18:
42% of the workout plan completed
44 kg body weight
This week’s completed day: Monday Glutes day 22

michelle lewin workout squatsThursday day 22: Squats

Smith front squat: 4/4 sets
Split squat on bench: 4/4 sets
Leg press wide: 4/4 sets
Kettlebell swing: 0/4 sets
Lateral squat walk: 4/4 sets
Duration: 34 min

Yes, I skipped the kettlebell swing, because I was already getting tired by the 3rd exercise, and there was not enough space to do the exercise. Also, I suck at having a good form so I’d rather not do it unless I have someone who can keep an eye on me.

Over the days, I’ve noticed that it’s best to keep the workout order that the plan suggests. You can manually switch between exercises and finish each individually whenever you want. I have done it a few times, because some machines were simply taken and there was no way I would wait 15 min to start my workout. It turned out, that when I wanted to do that exercise in the end, I already hit failure.
In this case, obviously, the lateral squat walk is way easier than the smith front squat. You could definitely switch it up if a certain order would come a routine.

In the picture you can also see that I decrease in the amount of reps. This happens when I notice that the exercise is very heavy and I would rather lift less heavy, instead of skipping half of the exercise.

Calorie intake

The main reason why I took it easy and skipped many days, is because I had no energy or didn’t feel good. I have potato funny fries eatingbeen bulking up and the last few days, my appetite all of a sudden returned and I’ve been eating like crazy. This should give me more energy to go to the gym and actually keep it up throughout the exercises, without constantly getting dizzy.

Have I been eating healthy? No, not really. My main focus is to eat a lot of calories, so I can gain weight, make my stomach bigger again and grow some muscle (and a little fat would also be awesome right now!)
I do think a lot of herbal tea and besides all the snacks that I eat throughout the day, I eat healthy, balanced dinner.

The plan

Upcoming week, I have a big event that is going to happen over a course of a few days, and I will be completely focused on that. I will try to workout before that (I mean, I want to look good for the event too, and hopefully get back the kg’s I lost) and then take a break, but keep eating good. Also, sometimes I do 10 squats randomly, to get a little pump and to keep the muscles awake. Whatever happens, positivity is key for me now!


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