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What is sport about? The terms that come to my mind are ‘health’, ‘edurance’, ‘weightloss’. A lot of things can be associated with sports, and in this case, I’m talking fashion! I’m pretty sure you know a lot of brands that offer activewear that looks stylish too. Here is a list of my favourite brands that offer activewear for women that want to be extra stylish too!


She is feminine and fabulous; Kate Hudson – one of the brains behind ‘Fabletics‘. Since 2013, a huge concept came alive. This brand does not just offer activewear, they have an interesting VIP membership that gives you a lot of benefits and keeps you coming back for more. You’ll be saving up to 50% and collecting points.

Kate Hudson fabletics

This brand represents affordable, fashionable activewear. They stand for clothing that makes you feel feminine, pretty and yet comfortable, wherever you go. “Live your passion” is the mantra.

I have ordered some leggings a while ago, and I must say that the quality is very good, and there were a lot of options to choose from. The prices are not too high and therefore very affordable for a lot of people. It is pretty clear that Fabletics focuses mostly on the prices of their products.

Kate is so enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle, that she took it to a next level; she wrote a book about it. The famous actress who is also a mom, is living la vida loca. The book is called ‘Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body’ and Kate talks about how to live a healthy, happy life. She will educate you about how to clear your mind, share ideas on how to eat better and how to make exercise enjoyable.

Shop Kate Hudson book at



Saski Collection

The blonde Aussie fitness babe and mom of 2, Tammy Hembrow has reached a lot of people with her fitness posts. She took it to the next level by launching her own luxury athleisure label called ‘Saski Collection”.

Created to inspire confidence in women inside and outside the gym, Saski activewear is comfortable while working out, while specially designed to compliment your body and enhance your shape as you work towards your goals.


Saski Collection has been created for women with a passion for fitness and fashion, with each piece designed exclusively by Tammy with a focus on both strength and style.

They have a great variety of clothing, in all kinds of colors. Nice style, fits different kind of women because the collection has different types of clothing. The store ships internationally, except to Russia and Military Bases and have a variety of payment methods.
I’ve never ordered from Saski Collection (why haven’t I actually..), but I’m pretty sure that Tammy is living up to her word and the products are great!


The name sounds dangerous. That’s probably because the clothing makes you look like a badass too.

Be all that you imagined you could be. Be a visionary.

This brand is not set up by a fitgirl. It is a British brand, created by Ben Francis and a few friends in 2012. It is a brand that offers fitness apparel & accessoires for men and women. They even have a seperate Instagram page for Gymshark women!

I have watched Gymshark grow into a big company with a big amount of offers. I’ve ordered leggings and sports bra’s before and I’m still very happy with the quality. They regularly have new designs and offers which keeps them very much alive. Start following Gymsharkbabes like Nikki Blackketter or Hanna Öberg and you might find yourself a discount code 😉


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sandra Prikker, who moved to USA with full ambition to start her own athletic clothing line. As a result in 2017, Hera was born. It started with a female collection and soon after the launch, there was activewear available for men too.

I would describe the collection as LA/urban/girly. Some outfits are abstract and dark, others are light with pink girly patterns. It is definitely a brand that focuses on quality for workouts, and fashion too. The collection has grown pretty fast for one year, and I can’t wait to see more!


Now you can feel comfy, sweatproof and fabulous.
Need some extra motivation, from someone who is following a fitness plan?
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