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A store full of products that areΒ all vegan!
Isn’t it nice to be able to browse, without having to worry that everything you see, may contain milk, eggs or is made of leather? Yeah, we thought so too. These ingredients can unfortunately be hidden in so many products. That is why we set up a shop, full of cruelty-free, plant-based products. (It’s more than food only!)
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Vegan Unicorn shop

Hey there, we would like you to know that we besides the products we show on this page, we also have our own shop with Vegan Unicorn products only. From leggings to hoodies to phone cases, we’ve got a lot for you to check out.
Worldwide shipping possible!

Vegan sweets box

Vegan chocolate & snacks

Vegan sweet hamper

Coconut milk powder

Soya topping cream

Biona dark chocolate

Docolor eye-brush set

Feed me vegan

Anjou brush set

Mad millie vegan cheese kit

Marigold Engevita yeast flakes

Vegan egg

Bamboo brush set

Marigold vegan bouillon powder

Sugar free cocoa mousse

Hazelnut & cocoa nut butter

MISSFITS vegan protein

Suzero low sugar snack bars

Vegan bodybuilding made easy

Ceramic vegan mug

Bamboo toothbrush

Pandoo bamboo hairbrush

Jonny's vegan sneakers

Kale & spinach tortilla chip

Garden of Life perfect raw superfood

ProMix nuts & seeds mix

Strawberry chocolate hearts

First Chop gift pack

Rainbow pearl sprinkle mix

Mushroom coffee mix

Chocolate chip cookies

Tofu & vegan treats kit

Apple cider vinegar

Big Franks hotdog

Prosecco gift set

Red wine gift set

Roasted fava beans

Tzar caviar

Vegan coconut honey

Organic maple syrup

Orange jelly dessert

Belgium cooking chocolate

Basil vegan pesto

Skinny dips sauces

Dried fig salami

NOOSH Almond butter

Vegan cookbook for beginners

Vegan slow cooker for beginners

Mana drink

Vegan jerky strips

Any ideas for more vegan products? Let us know!

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