Anjou brush set

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Anjou brush set

Another great brush set that is 100% vegan and as versatile as you can be; create any look you want.
This 8-piece set comes with a user manual and a waterproof bag!


  • Amazon’s choice
  • For all consistencies
  • Protective roll clutch included

Amazon's choice

We personally didn’t test the brushes, but if Amazon recommends these brushes, they are probably a very good deal.
They are created to use with powders, liquids and creams.
The set includes a powder brush, bronzer brush, foundation brush, contour brush, stippling brush, smudging brush, angled brush and also a lip brush.

So positive

Amazon says it, the users agree with it; therefore it must be good!
So get your brush set quick, and start creating your look šŸ™‚

So positive

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