Coconut milk powder

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When the word ‘dairy-free’ comes to mind, what do you think of? That’s right; no milk included! The Coconut Company provides her customers with a variety of coconut products that are free from animal suffering. Coconut milk powder is one of the best substitutes for cow milk powder, if you’re looking for a vegan way to stay healthy.
Did you know that a huge part of the world population is lactose-intolerant? That means that these people have problems digesting lactose, which is the sugar in dairy products. Keep on reading!


Overall, about 75 percent of the world’s population, including 25 percent of those in the U.S., lose their lactase enzymes after weaning. The recognition of this fact has resulted in an important change in terminology: Those who could not digest milk were once called “lactose intolerant” or “lactase deficient.” They are now regarded as normal, while those adults who retain the enzymes allowing them to digest milk are called “lactase persistent.”

This is a paragraph of an article at Physicians Committee. This shows that there are so many people who are intolerant, that the tolerance is almost a “special ability” to have. This shows us that humans are not created to consume dairy. Therefore, this coconut powder milk is a great product for any kind of lifestyle! Click here to read the rest of the article.


This product does not contain gluten. What are gluten? Gluten are proteins that are classified as prolamins and glutelins. It’s found in different grains, wheat and oats. It is basically something that gluten-intolerant people want to avoid at all times.

Straight from the Philippines, these coconuts were pressed to make the best quality of coconut powder available. Made of 65% coconut oil, it only weighs 250 grams. To avoid decomposition, you should keep your package in a dry place at room temperature. Especially suitable for vegans, this company strives to better not only the quality of consumables, but also human health in general.

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