Feed me vegan

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Feed me vegan

This is the ultimate book with vegan recipes of the basic traditional dishes and foods.
Written by Lucy Watson, explaining that being vegan, you can still make your favourite foods in a plant based way.


  • Good price
  • Winner in Peta food awards 2017
  • Easy-to-make recipes for anyone
  • Two serve recipes


  • Nothing!

Award winner

That’s right, this book won the PETA vegan food award of 2017.
Why? Simplicity is key, and that shows in this book.
It is packed with easy-to-make recipes of everyday meals.
This book shows that as a vegan, you can survive on more than lettuce.

Great deal

With a lot of great reviews, this book is definitely a great one in the category ‘vegan recipes’.
A plant based diet does not have to be boring and you can still eat anything you want. Want to know how? Read about it in this book!
Recipes Iinclude:
· Fry-Up
· French Toast with Spiced Plums
· Cauliflower Wings
· Mushroom Mac and Cheese
· Ultimate Cheeseburger
· Pad Thai
· Oreo Thickshake
· Chocolate Fudge Cake
· Hot Cinnamon Jam Doughnuts
· Miso Aubergine and Mushroom Gyoza

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