Vegan beef jerky strips

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Vegan jerky strips

This “beef jerky” is 100% vegan and actually contains no beef, and is therefore called Vegan Jerky strips.
It has the flavor of Texas BBQ and comes in a pack of 6.


  • Gluten free
  • All the energy of real meat
  • Voted Best New Vegetarian Snack by VegNew
  • High in protein
  • Free from artificial colors and preservatives

What makes it so good?

Jerky strips are healthy, meat alternative snacks providing the positive health benefits of soy, seitan and shiitake mushrooms, all with full meaty satisfaction.


Non – GMO Isolated Soy Protein, Water, Unrefined Evaporated Cane Juice, Naturally Brewed (Gluten Free) Soy Sauce (Water, Non – GMO Soybeans, Sea Salt), Vinegar, Sea Salt, Natural Smoke Flavouring, Natural Vegetarian Spices, No MSG Added.

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