Vegan bodybuilding made easy: The 4-week dream body with raw vegan diet and bodybuilding

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Vegan bodybuilding made easy

Veganism and bodybuilding in one book, what a combi. It will help you build or keep muscle with a raw or vegan diet in 4 weeks. This book seems great because it actually combines the vegan lifestyle with someone who is into bodybuilding. That means that the dietary advice is way more specific.


  • Veganism combined with bodybuilding
  • Step-by-step system, easy-to-follow meal and workout plans
  • You will learn everything you need to know in only 4 weeks
  • Under 10 Pounds


  • I couldn’t find anything bad about it, seems like a pretty good deal!

Why would you read this?

I have only read the first few pages of the book, so I can’t give my opinion based on that knowledge or experience.
This is definitely a book I would read. A lot of vitamins need to be found somewhere else instead of fish or dairy and that can be a challenge. If you don’t eat chicken anymore, where else are going to get your protein?
Whether you are a vegan person that works out but wants to know more about diet combined with workouts (this would be me), or maybe someone who wants to turn her/his life around and turn into a vegan bodybuilder.. it doesn’t matter, this book will tell you all about it.


Overall, this is a book that teaches you how to maintain or grow muscle with a vegan diet. There is a lot of misconception about bodybuilding and a plant-based diet. Therefore, I think it is great that this book combines the two subjects together, the two that never used to fit in one picture, and explains why it is definitely possible to reach certain goals with a vegan diet.
What makes it better, is that the book basically prepares you in 4 weeks for everything you should know. After the four weeks, you should be able to create your own way of the lifestyle. There are not so many books on te market like this one, and it has a pretty good rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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