Vegan chocolate & snack gift box

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Vegan chocolate & snack gift box

A gift box that contains 13 chocolate and snack bars.
Considering everything you receive in this package, from 70% dark chocolate to cherry sweet and cherry good products, we’d say that this product is the real deal for vegans.


  • Great variety, Large Vego Bar (150g) in every gift box
  • Perfect gift
  • Free gift message option
  • Hand packaged
  • 100% recycled eco-friendly box


  • Too much to choose from, lol!


Enriched with all natural products these sweets will let you remember your childhood,
while still respecting and preserving animal life. These different candy bars and chocolate sweets variate with combination of coco, fruits and berries.


Aimed for your customer service, all the products are delivered in lovely tissue paper with raffia ribbon.
Gift box measures 20cm x 8cm x 20cm and with contents weighs approx 1 kg.

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