Vegan sweets box

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Vegan sweets box

Just looking at the packaging of this luxurious gelatine free vegan sweets box is enough to lift every vegan from their seats.
Containing 6 different bags of sweets, this beautifully packaged product brings variety in vegan sweets.
Marshmallows, VegeBears, sour snakes and much more!


  • Natural ingredients
  • Handpacked in the UK
  • Gelatine free
  • Variety


  • You can’t pick or switch products, it comes with a steady set

Natural & cruelty free

All with natural ingredients and no animal products. The Words “Don’t have a cow” written on the package is a
joke that I think the most of us would get.

There is always another way to enjoy what you want to enjoy without hurting other beings on this earth;
this is one of them.
The innovative ideas of vegans all over the world to keep making products to consume and
wear risk free of any animal life, is what will help change this world to a more compassionate one.

What else?

One step at the time, one sweet at the time. This vegan gift box contains 6 bags (525g)
of animal friendly, gelatine free, vegetarian/vegan sweets. The items come packaged in a charismatic gift box that reads, ‘Don’t Have a Cow’. Sounds like the ultimate gift for ant sweet tooth!

The box contains

75g Freedom Confectionery Marshmallows
100g VegeBear’s Frooty Fruits
75g Biona Pomegranate Hearts
75g Biona Sour Snakes
100g Free From Fellows Cola Bottles
100g Goody Good Stuff Koala Gummy Bears
A small greeting message!

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