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I went to the Vegan Food Festival!

Festivals or any other major events are somehow places that I rarely visit. But I had to check out a Vegan Food Festival, where everything is plant-based in 1 place! I will take you for a walk through my time there, keep on reading..

vegan food festival timetable

Vegan Food Festival timetable 11/08


Despite a random attack of dizziness, I had to go and see what this Vegan Food Festival was all about. It was located at a park in the West of Amsterdam, had an open-air area, and a huge round building for inside stands. You could find palm trees and green lights on top, which obviously makes it look green and more natural.


Some basic factsvegan food festival inside
Location: Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
Free entrance
10, 11 & 12 Aug, 2018
Friday 3PM till 11PM, Sat/Sun 1PM till 11PM

I visited the festival on Saturday the 11th of August, which was a pretty sunny day and created this hippie chill summer vibe, in my opinion.



One thing that I found the most interesting, was the glass house. It is the area on the timetable called “De Kas” and you can listen to music with a headset on.
These days, we all listen to music, and often through a headset. Except, when you are doing it in a place with other people, and you dance to it, it looks pretty interesting.. As an outsider you don’t hear music and it looks like everybody is dancing in silence, lol.

vegan food festival de kas vegan food festival de kas

This area had the same program all day, as you can see on the timetable. Maybe a good idea for when you really need to throw a party, and really can not disturb the neighbors!

vegan food festival kookplaat


Somewhere inside, there is an area called “De Kookplaat” where various artists would perform throughout the day.
There was a duo performing when I came around. Their voices were amazing and they were completely in tune 🙂




There were a lot of stands and it is too much to remember, so I decided to focus on the places that drew my attention, and some extra pics to give you an impression!

vegan food festival madame cocos


Madame Cocos was selling lemon-curd pastry.
I did not even manage to get a picture of the stand since this looks awesome.
Check out their website here and find out about their other coconut sensations!



Vivera was also there! This is a brand that I think a lot of people are familiar with, since Albert Heijn sells it.

I did not see what they were offering that day, since I know what products they have, and I’m already a happy customer!



vegan food festival sharp sharp

Sharp Sharp

This is the place where I have actually purchased something.
I have never heard of ‘Sharp Sharp‘ before, and I had a reason why I choose that stand to get something from. I don’t have an oven at home and vegan pastry like that, is hard to find around.

It looks a lot like things I used to eat before I stopped consuming milk and eggs, and I really was craving it!

All their products are promised to be vegan, gluten free and will contain no refined sugar. This makes it almost sound healthy (this is my way of not feeling bad about sweets, haha).

[smartslider3 slider=26]

They had a pretty extensive choice, and it took me a while to pick something, lol.
The choice I made? I chose the ‘Caramel shortbread’ and I can’t put into words how amazing that tastes.

sharp sharp caramel shortbread

The caramel layer is made out of dates, maple syrup, spices and pieces of nuts. The chocolate is simply raw cocoa with cocoa butter. The bottom tastes like sand cookies. This 3-layered sweetness costed me €3,50 and it was worth every cent of it. I actually ate this little piece in 3/4 times because it fills up pretty fast and is very sweet. I definitely made the right choice!

More pictures of the festival.

[smartslider3 slider=27]
My opinion

This was definitely a nice experience and I’m glad I went to visit. I think there were enough stands and types of food to try out. Is this event for vegans only? Definitely not. In fact, I think it is a great opportunity to see what veganism is about and see that there is plenty of food to eat when you choose to not eat animal products anymore.

Was it crowded? Not really, I’ve seen events that draw a lot more people. I think the reason of that is because this festival is not very known yet, unlike other Dutch parties that are being held for years already.

Vegan Food Festival, I hope I see you next year 🙂



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