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Vegan sweets that are vegan but doesn’t say so on the package (Netherlands)

Veganism is a hype nowadays, foods have a big stamp with “VEGAN” on it. But are you aware that there are delicious foods that happen to be vegan already? They don’t promote themselves as vegan products, yet they contain no animal ingredients.
Got a sweet (vegan) tooth? Keep on reading for some deliciousness.


Lotus Speculoos

If you are not a Dutchie, you’ve probably never heard of this word. “Can I eat that?” Yes, it is a pasty version of a cookie called ‘Speculaas’ and the only English name for it is ‘spiced biscuit’. The spices that are used are: especially cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger powder, cardamom and white pepper. These are the usual ‘speculaas spices’. The cookies are made of brown sugar, baking powder, flower and butter, everything vegan.

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This product is basically a spread of speculaas and Dutchies put it on their bread (Dutchies put a lot of things on their bread, will get back to that in another article!).
The main thing you taste is cinnamon and you can also eat it out of the jar, like I’m doing. This magical spread is VEGAN unlike the cookies, because in the spread, they don’t add any butter.


400 grams €2,05 at Albert Heijn. AH also offers a jar of 720 grams for €3,65 and a ‘Crunchy’ version for €2,39.


AH Cranberry oat cookies

First of all, I must say that it does not taste like oats that much. Usually when I eat oat cookies, I can tell, but the cranberries, and oh so fine texture just change the game I guess.

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It also contains raisins and is pretty sweet (and addictive to me).

Albert Heijn offers a collection of these cookies like the ‘Original’, ‘Caramel seasalt’, ‘Pecan’ and ‘Cranberry’. Be aware: Cranberry is the only vegan option out of 4.
200 grams for €1,39 at Albert Heijn.



AH BASIC Duo Spread

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I think all vegans will be thankful for this creation. (And non-vegans too) It is a big jar of chocolate spread. You might be thinking: “It’s not that hard to find vegan chocolate. Almost all dark chocolate is vegan.” Well, that’s what I thought until I’ve tried it.

This spread does NOT taste like dark chocolate and is pretty creamy and sweet. AH is the brand and therefore the price is very low. I would say this is the best budget option for people who have a sweet tooth because the price doesn’t take away the good flavor.

600 grams for €1,65 at Albert Heijn.


Nature’s Charm condensed coconut milk

Many people have been thankful when I shared my newest founding: The VEGAN condensed milk.
Yes, I know the name may say it all, but still, not all coconut yoghurts are vegan either.
This product is made in Thailand and the holy treasure of especially Russian vegans I would say. As a kid, I always ate condensed milk (cow milk). We used to put it on crackers, in pastry, in tea or eat it straight out of the can.

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We still even cook it until it turns brown, more firm and gets a more caramel taste to it, we call it “Sguchonka”. Well, this was a crucial part of the Russian history, enough of that.


The only main ingredient is coconut milk, so it is definitely true to the brands name.
It is sacred because it almost tastes like the usual condensed milk and living without it would be hard for the people who love it, because there is nothing else that tastes like it. This product is less firm and I have heard rumors that it is also possible to cook. It takes 3 hours and afterwards you mix it with plant based margarine for sweet baking purposes. I can’t wait to try it myself.

320 grams of deliciousness is available for €1,99 at the shop “Veggie4U” and Albert Heijn for €1,69.



Okay, before you get too excited, I must add that not all Oreo’s are vegan. It counts for all flavours of rolls, except the ‘Peanut butter’ variant. Now I am only speaking of the products at Albert Heijn.
All of the ice cream unfortunately contains milk, but hey, I’m not complaining, to find out that Oreos is not one of the things I have to give up, is a true blessing already.

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Check at

So before assuming that the cookies are vegan, check the ingredient list, because it does not count for all of the products sold worldwide!
Oreos are available at a lot of different places throughout the Netherlands, but I will stick to the Albert Heijn, since they have a steady product range and is pretty reliable.
The ‘Original’ roll is sold for €1,25 at Albert Heijn. Prices vary per flavour.



While I’m wrapping up this story, I am hitting the Lotus Speculoos with my spoon, this time the ‘Crunchy’ version that tastes like the actual cookie with extra cream. Yummie.
May this article make your life a little better and a little sweeter 😉

I bet veganism just got a little easier, knowing about these sweets!


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