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Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

vegan restaurants amsterdam

Looking for a vegan place to visit with your date this weekend? Want to plan a ‘cruelty-free’ food party? Or just not in the mood to cook? Whatever your reason is, here is a list of a few places you should visit for a fully vegan Amsterdam experience. Every place is 100% plant-based, this means they do not serve animal products of any kind, unlike certain restaurants that also offer vegetarian options. Keep on reading and in case you decide to visit one of these; eat your heart out!

*This article does not contain my opinion about the food at the restaurants, I have not visited them (yet!)


Sla is a Dutch word for ‘lettuce’. This vegetable often represents healthy food, which is exactly what this restaurant stands for. They have a lot of locations throughout the whole country and a few restaurants in Amsterdam.

sla vegan restaurantIt is a family company that offers organic, healthy, preferably seasonal food from their own garden.

*Pin only, no reservations
*Home delivery via Deliveroo, click here
Middenweg 55B, 1098 AD Amsterdam




‘Doperwt’ (pronounced as dopert) means ‘pea’ and ‘hert’ means deer. Hence, the antlers in their logo, combined with peas which are plant-based. I must give them extra points for the fascinating name-play.dophert
Another restaurant that offers home-made food. They have a specific lunch-menu, snacks & share, dinner and side-dishes on the list.
Having a birthday? Here you can order a big pie or even hire them as caterer.

* Pin only, Monday & Tuesday closed, other days different opening hours.
Spaarndammerstraat 49-H, 1013 ST Amsterdam


Marits Eetkamer

What’s so special about this place? They don’t have a menu. They offer a 3-, 4-, or 5-course dinner that changes every month.

At Marits Eetkamer, shopping is done locally and they actually became full-vegan in 2018.
You can make a reservation and even book the whole place with a group after closing hours.
Andreas Bonnstraat 34HS, 1091 BA Amsterdam


Mediamatic ETEN

A beautiful greenhouse, located on the waterfront that also has a special pizza menu, available every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.mediamatic
This is the restaurant of Mediamatic, which is an institution that is focused on new developments in art and culture.
Call your friends and make a reservation for more than 7 people, in order for them to make a special group menu for you!
Dijkspark 6a, 1019 BS Amsterdam



Vegan Junk Food Bar

The name says it all; the place to be when you want some junk food that does not contain any animal products. This place is pretty famous and has a lot of (good) reviews.
Each location has a different menu, so if you have the time, you should visit them all!vegan junkfood bar

Order online at @Deliveroo or @Foodora
* Burgerbar – Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam
* Burgerbar – Eerste van Swindenstraat 389, 1093 BP Amsterdam
* Restaurant – Marie Heinekenplein 9 – 10, 1072 MH Amsterdam


Meatless District

Not only meatless, but actually animal-less! A bar & kitchen with an industrial setting.meatless district

They try to always make homemade, organic dishes and you are able to see all of that happen in the open kitchen.
Want to watch a move on the couch while eating? They have take-away option too!
Bilderdijkstraat 65-67, 1053 KM Amsterdam


TerraZen Centre

Have you ever heard of the Dutch word ‘gezellig’? There is no translation for, and the best way to describe it is ‘cozy, great vibes, nice’. Well, this is how most people describe this place. I can tell by the picture, it looks tiny too. terrazen amsterdam veganSlightly unusual, they have a wellness part too (at least, that’s what they say online), I guess that’s why it is a center and not just a restaurant.
They have a specific cuisine: combination of Japanese and Caribbean! This center also tries to get their foods as organic and local as possible.

Sint Jacobsstraat 19HS, 1012 NC Amsterdam




Another crazy, fun name. It reminds me of Mishka which means ‘teddy’ in Russian, while actually the ‘moo’ comes from ‘mooh’ – what the cow says. mooshka amsterdam
The fun part about this place, is that they have different types of cuisine. Mooshka offers dishes with fried rice and baked bananas, and Mediterranean burgers too.
If you would like to eat out, and don’t have a lot to spend but still want to eat healthy and vegan, then this is a great option 🙂

Hemonystraat 66H, 1074 BT Amsterdam


Want to start cooking yourself? We picked some vegan products for our shop!

This has been some tasty research, it made me want to visit all the restaurants myself. I definitely will check out these places (since I should go out more anyway). When I will, I promise a review too 🙂
For now, hopefully you have an impression of what vegan Amsterdam has to offer!

Did I forget a few awesome places? Is any information incorrect? Would you just like to say hi?
Send us an e-mail to and get in touch!


Henri Joubert

Jannis Brandt


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