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What does it mean to represent veganism?

Shortly said; it is being a person that doesn’t eat any animal products, nor products that have been tested or processed by the use of animals. This means that a vegan does not eat any meat, fish, eggs and dairy.
Rarely spoken of but a crucial point is our clothes. A vegan usually makes sure that he or she doesn’t wear any clothing with animal parts, nor uses any products that has been tested on animals. Also make-up brands  are also not promoted as vegans, Although there’s not really a rule book yet. Most people tend to just do what is possible in their might to stay away from such products.

This means that as a vegan one shares compassion for another being that lives on this beautiful earth.

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How come we promote veganism?

We believe, as a collective, that veganism and it’s lifestyle can benefit the world for the better.
As humans we aren’t built to eat raw meat. So by fact we aren’t carnivores, yet people act like meat should be part of their diet. For nutritious factors rather than the taste and the want for eating meat. Further our bodies can find all the nutrition that you get from meat in nuts, peanuts and other nut types.

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The animals

Towards the beings we share this earth with, it isn’t a righteous act to slaughter and farm our fellow earthlings. This isn’t on the priority list of the mass. 1 vegan makes a world of difference in the fight against the system. Making a clear statement that this way isn’t the way we want to live on. That the treatments of our fellow animals have to improve. Profit is the priority of the food industry and we as humanity have to change that. one step at a time. Most people make the conscious decision to become vegan to prevent the support on suffering of animals or the improvement of ones own health.

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Huge cultivation’s of forage for the production of meat, dairy and eggs
of 70% of the agricultural ground covered by fields of forage destined for the animals we eat
This is a fact that most aren’t aware of. Humanity needs a way to bypass all of this.
Cultivating green food for the animals, we can use these fields to cultivate for our own. Leaving the animals in peace.
Veganism can be a huge turn over against the war on hunger for earth.

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Some believe that global warming is direct result of many animal product consumption
The release of greenhouse gasses like methane and CO2 correlates with the farmers substances to maintain his status.
So in a way these so-called farmers are responsible for most of the 18% of all the greenhouse gas, being released in the atmosphere.
The Nazi’s declared that meat consumption is 2nd on the list for climate changes.
Being vegan exterminates the need to deal in such a way with our food production, thus neglecting and restoring climate differences, made by cultivating plants that feed us and help the cleansing of the air we live in.

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What do vegans eat?

If you’re vegan, it’s better to say what you don’t eat; which is any food coming from an animal.
What does this mean? That fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts are on the top of the food list.
Furthermore, there are so many products coming up as a replacements for products that consist animal ingredients. Products like milk, cheese and other products that contain dairy are easily substituted by soy or coconut milk. For the people who like to eat meat, there are also all types of variables for meat substitutes that have the same or even better taste.

Will I get enough proteins with a focused plant based diet?

It is fairly easy for any vegan to receive the necessary proteins from ones diet.
Eating food such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread, broccoli almonds, the lists goes on and on.
The most important factor is to eat enough protein compared to the calories you also induce.
One tip: just eat more! That’s the great thing about a vegan diet; you can actually eat more. Vegan food generally contains less calories. Keep eating the carbs too and don’t forget the healthy fats that you can get from avocado for example. Balance is key 🙂

Will I get enough vitamins and minerals with a plant based diet?

To get the correct amount of vitamins, we have to broaden our diet even more with fruits and vegetables. When we turn our minds to nuts and seeds, we cover a wide verity of vitamins such as several B groups vitamins, vitamin E and also minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium.
Changing your snack from chips to a nice bowl of peanuts or nut bars would have extraordinary health benefits.

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